I’ve always loved this solitary hill, I’ve always loved this hedge that hides from me so much of what my earthly eyes can see..“: Giacomo Leopardi’s “Infinito” has crossed the boundaries of time and space, reaching immortality. Just about 20 km from the Tenuta del Viandante, you have the chance to see the Colle dell’Infinito and the small village square, and be able to imagine the young Giacomo in the library of the Leopardi home, while studying and shyly looking out the window at his Silvia. A real dive not only into history, but in many stories, all those of the compositions of one of the most famous and well known Marchigans.
The main square is really wonderful, with a statue dedicated to the great Giacomo, in which during the month of July, Lunaria takes place, an event that brings in this square Italian singers of great caliber.