We can just move a little and we are still near the Conero overlooking and embracing Portonovo, perhaps the most beautiful part of the Conero Regional Park.
You will feel like you are standing in a postcard, enchanted by the breathtaking landscape you have all around and the crystal clear water that invites you to take a well-deserved bath.
A true oasis of green and blue, where you totally forget everything except to relax and enjoy a taste of paradise.
If at some point you may want to venture into some exploration, you will be able to go and visit the Church of Portonovo and the Clementine Tower, two small attractions that confirm the vocation of the Marche region, a region that is truly in the plural!
And … if you are a lover of good food … you cannot leave without having tasted the Portonovo muscles “moscioli”, which are also a “garrison” or Slowfood Presidia.