Deciding to spend some time in our holiday homes means not only finding perfect relaxation, immersed in the nature that is typical of our wonderful Marche Region, but also getting involved in a piece of history.
In fact, the Tenuta del Viandante is in Contrada Taverna, and indeed, it is known as a Tavern to the local population.
The name has ancient origins and comes from the Latin word Taberna, meaning a tavern or better yet, a place to rest. Here, in the etymology of the place, its future is already inherent, which has been realized again thanks to the holiday homes of the Tenuta del Viandante.
On the ancient Roman road, traveling on the Umbrian stretch of the Flaminia Way, another road was opened through the Musone and Potenza valleys, all the way to Ancona, towards Septempeda, Trea and Auximum: Macerata, Treia and Osimo.
After reaching Appignano, hiking you can go down into the Fiumicello valley, heading towards Osimo. And here, in the middle of the river, you’ll find Contrada Taverna, where the historians imagine there was a place to rest, a hotel, called Taberna.
In history everything changes and nothing remains the same; For this reason, this place has become so many things, losing its primary function as a restoration point for travelers, and becoming the possession of some of the historic families of the Macerata area nobility, such as the Filippucci-De Vico family.
Today, becoming the Tenuta del Viandante, Taverna returns to its historical and deeper soul, evolving of course and becoming a farm with holiday homes, a place where you can enjoy a quality stay.
You, like the ancient travelers, will be driven by the stars and you’ll reach our holiday homes, lay on the gentle slopes of the Marche region hills protected by our century oak tree that will narrate the happy stories of life, nature, gnomes and goblins, which in our fantasies, populate our forest.