From the Velluto Beach all the way to the Palms Riviera: from north to south, all the Marche region is beautiful to see and has something to offer. Grottammare, San Benedetto del Tronto, Porto d’Ascoli: a triptych of wide and sandy beaches, which are also the expression of three different ways of living the sea and the summer months, just in stretch of a few miles. Grottammare is undoubtedly the quietest place, with small chalets that are perfect for those who want to enjoy their vacation in the most complete relax; A visit to Grottammare Alta is worth the effort.
San Benedetto is the rattling soul of the Palms Riviera: we can say that there is always fun, because the life on the beach is like the night with it’s local events and lots of people around.
And finally Porto d’Ascoli, which can be considered “in the middle”, since it is a place where you can find both a calm and a party atmosphere.
Not to be missed, is the White Night at San Benedetto del Tronto, an appointment in the month of August that is full!