This is the main city of the region, a city with a thousand faces that are all to discover, walking up and down its streets.
The Cathedral of Ancona or Duomo of San Ciriaco leaves you breathless for its beauty: the two lions at the entrance, so big and impressive, act as bodyguards as you walk through the thresholds of the church. Its position is truly magnificent: it rises at the top of the Guasco hill, where it dominates the whole city of Ancona and its gulf. A view you will not forget so easily.
Equally beautiful is the Mole Vanvitelliana, also known as the Lazzaretto, with its particular hexagonal shape and the many exhibits that it hosts in its indoor halls; Its peculiarity is to visit an artificial island, inside the harbor.
And then again the Arch of Trajan, the Passetto, and the National Archaeological Museum.